Our Belief

Young adult children yearn to be loved, known, and understood.  

In the throes of addiction, they struggle with feelings of isolation, and unworthiness.

They feel unloved and unlovable.

 We provide a safe space where parents of active addicts can talk to kids in recovery

who’ve experienced those very struggles.

We believe in hope and a renewed compassion for our own kids and ourselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is for parents to come to a realistic understanding and loving connection with their own kids who are caught in the throes of addiction.  Too many are dying from accidental drug overdose leaving grieving parents stunned, with words of love unspoken. Our children need to know we love them whether they are using, or not. TruthTalks gives parents the opportunity to dialogue with kids in recovery, see similarities with their own kids, and begin to have a more compassionate view of their own kids’ struggles.

Additionally, our mission is to help kids in recovery share their lessons learned and insights gained.  We aim to give kids in recovery a platform to give back to parents struggling with their own kids’ addiction.  These kids have worked long and hard and deserve to share their wisdom and truth with those who need it the most.  

Everyone serves to gain from TruthTalks–parents of the substance abuser, the kids in recovery, the kid struggling with addiction and the family unit.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see facilitated Workshops running country-wide where small groups of parents and kids in recovery honestly dialogue about addiction. Where parents listen, really listen, and hear the details of what is truly going on inside the heads and hearts of the addict. Where parents come home to their own kids with new eyes.

With eyes of compassion and with hearts full of love instead of fear and rage and disconnection.

Additionally, our vision is for parents to learn to give themselves a break. To find compassion and understanding for themselves and cease blaming themselves for having done something “wrong” that led to their child’s addiction… The kids in recovery assure parents that there was nothing they could’ve said or done that would’ve caused their kids’ to turn to drugs. We see TruthTalks expanding to other platforms such as facilitated Skype conversations, and ultimately bringing every family member to the table to talk about addiction.

Our Values

  • Truth, Honesty, Innocence

  • Open Communication

  • Listening and Hearing

  • Trust

  • Courage

We can’t come to know who our kids really are by waiting for them to be someone else.  Truth.

“Life is short…be swift to love, make haste to be kind” – Henri Amiel

Our Hope For You

Most parents who come to our workshops have reached the ends of their respective ropes. They are afraid for their kids, and often afraid of their kids. Any closeness or connection has been lost, devoured by the monster of addiction.

Our hope for parents who attend TruthTalks workshops is this: re-connection with their own young adult children whether they are using drugs or not. No matter what the circumstance, our kids need our love. Love is the constant here and, by talking in a safe, facilitated environment, with “kids who’ve been there” parents develop more space from which to hear them (space that’s not filled with rage, fear, and panic over their own kids.) In the workshops, parents lower their guards and actually discuss what was going on in these kids’ minds and hearts during their addictions. Insights from these dialogues are often translated into to a compassionate understanding of their own kids.

And that’s where the conversation really begins.


Ready To Talk?