TruthTalksTM Workshops were born from one scared parent talking to an honest young man who had a solid foundation in sobriety and recovery, yet who’d spent many years caught in the cycle of addiction.

We are always looking for more like him and would love to offer you an opportunity to join us in these conversations.  Your involvement helps parents gain a unique understanding of their own struggling loved ones and provides a great service to parents who are scared and confused by their kid’s substance use.

As a Volunteer, You Will:

  • Share your story.

  • Answer hard questions.

  • Connect with parents.

  • Offer your strength and hope.


Our hope is to create a pool of over 100 volunteers who are ready, willing, and able to join our workshops and talk to struggling parents.

Each one of you has your own unique and incredible story. While the cycle of drug addiction is similar in many cases, every individual has something unique to bring to the table.

We welcome such diversity of experience and it is that diversity that helps us connect with every family that reaches out for help.

Join the conversation.

Below are Testimonials of Some of Our Current and Past Volunteers

“As a person in recovery a large part of my life involves service predominantly with other individuals in recovery. When I first got there I was a little bit nervous but when we had the opportunity to share our stories and hear the group members talk about their experiences I felt grateful to share my hope. It was an opportunity to hear from the other side of how my actions and the actions of somebody in active addiction impacts the family. I was moved by the strength, resilience, and love of the group members and it was an honor and a privilege to be able to participate.”

“If I were to search the universe of language for one word that describes my experience in the TruthTalks group I would have to say, surreal. As a MSW I deal with parents on a daily basis who have children in recovery. I was trained to hold, contain, and give space to their anxiety. Our conversations revolve around their child, but it is rare for a parent to open up in an honest, emotionally regulated, and sincere way about their personal experience. When these incredibly brave parents started sharing their stories there was something in the room that was so viceral and heavy, a force much bigger than me. I was impressed not only with these parents but with the TruthTalks program for facilitating something so desperately needed in recovery. I was incredibly grateful to be a part of it.”

Ready To Share Your Story?