Frequently Asked Questions2017-04-06T12:15:03-05:00
How much do TruthTalks workshops cost?2017-03-28T09:24:07-05:00

We offer a series of 4 workshops, each at $50, totaling $200 for the series. If people chose to attend just one, the cost is $75.

How Long is a TruthTalks Session?2017-03-28T09:36:17-05:00

TruthTalks Workshops are 90 minute sessions, but participants are encouraged to come early and stay after to continue to talk.

Are TruthTalks workshops confidential?2017-03-28T09:35:52-05:00

Yes, we strive to keep our workshops confidential and participants are reminded of that fact by signing a confidentiality agreement before we begin. Often, however, parents connect with one another and become a separate support system outside of our walls.

I think my child has a problem with substance use, but I’m not sure. Would a workshop with TruthTalks help me figure that out?2017-03-28T09:35:39-05:00

Yes, Absolutely. Many of our parents are unsure whether their kid is using, or not. We have found that any dialogues between concerned and parents and kids in recovery are beneficial. Parents can hear scenarios that fueled the kid in recovery’s use and perhaps identify some stressors in their own children.

Who should contact TruthTalks?2017-04-04T01:27:28-05:00

Any parent who is concerned about their kid’s drug use.
Any parent who feels scared, lost and alone.
Any parent who cannot communicate with her kid about his/her life.
Any parent who has lost hope of rekindling a relationship with her kid.
Any parent whose relationship with her kid is strained.
Any parent who finds her kid’s behavior unusual, unrecognizable and confounding.
Any parent.

What is the difference between TruthTalks Workshops and other Group Therapy Workshops.2017-03-28T09:35:17-05:00

First and foremost, TruthTalks is not group therapy. The unique thing about Truthtalks is the Conversation. A dialogue takes place between parents and kids who have found recovery from their various addictions. This is a unique and powerful opportunity for both the parent and the kids in recovery.

What happens at a TruthTalks workshop?2017-04-04T01:24:36-05:00

About 6 parents and 1 or 2 kids in recovery sit comfortably in a room, with a facilitator who specializes in addiction. We start out with introductions and briefly discuss the theme for the workshop, ie: enabling. Then, in keeping with the theme, parents start asking questions and the kids in recovery answer. A dialogue begins. The kids are remarkably honest and open and wise. They’ve great insights into what fueled their drug use and what it felt like to be caught in the cycle of addiction.
Parents get rare, candid inside information, and the kids in recovery welcome the hard questions. Over the course of the series of workshops, empathy is born and parents often find themselves more open to talking and listening to their own kid who is in the midst of his own struggles.

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