Drugs vs No Drugs

TruthTalks News   •   April 6, 2017

As parents, we lose sight of the many varied reasons why kids may turn to drugs in the first place. One of our main objectives at TruthTalks is to educate parents what thoughts and feelings may be fueling their kid’s addiction. Yes, this sounds basic, and yes we think this is obvious…but parent lack of understanding is something that kids in recovery have talked about to parents during sessions.  And they’ve almost universally told parents that their own parents had no idea they were feeling stressed, discontent, unhappy etc….Some say they tried to talk to their parents who refused to listen, others say they wanted their parents to ask what was the problem but they didn’t. Many say they wanted to make their parents proud (grades, sports, fit in socially …. )  For whatever the reason, taking drugs were the best, most fast acting, alternative at the time.

1- I feel stressed
2- I have no friends
3- I am boring
4- I am an introvert
5- I feel overwhelmed
6- I am unhappy
7- I feel disconnected from my peers
8- I can’t sleep
9- I can’t stay awake long enough to finish anything.
10- I am worthless

1- I feel relaxed
2- I am popular
3- I am interesting
4- I am talkative
5- I’ve got this
6- I am happier than I’ve ever been
7- I feel understood
8- I can finally get to sleep at night
9- I can finally stay awake to finish something
10-I am super human

Kids without the tools to regulate their emotional states, to express their feelings without feeling ashamed, without the tools to objectively see themselves and ask for help, most often turn to drugs for the above (and more) quick fixes….

No room for judgment.  It’s time for empathy.